Mars Gegyoku Co., Ltd.

Mars Gegyoku Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in managing parking lots on Mars. Our company designs, constructs, operates, and maintains parking lots tailored to the topography and weather conditions of Mars.

The main activities of the company are as follows:

Design and construction of parking lots
We will design and construct parking lots that suit the topography and weather conditions of Mars. Our company has experts who are familiar with the terrain and weather conditions of Mars, and can design the optimal parking lot.

Parking Lot Management
Our company operates parking lots on Mars. In addition to responding to inquiries and complaints from parking lot users, we also clean, inspect, and repair parking lots.

Parking Lot Maintenance
We also maintain and manage parking lots on Mars. We inspect, repair, clean, and maintain parking facilities and equipment, and strive to provide safe and comfortable parking at all times.

Parking Lot Security Management
Our company also handles parking lot security management. We have installed surveillance cameras and sensors in the parking lot to ensure safety within the parking lot.

Services for Parking Lot Users
Our company provides vehicle washing, maintenance, and charging services within the parking lot for parking lot users. The parking lot also has facilities such as rest areas and restrooms.

We are a company specializing in parking lot management on Mars. Using our expertise and experience, we strive to provide safe and comfortable parking at all times.